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How To Host The Ultimate Friendsgiving 2018

How To Host The Ultimate Friendsgiving 2018

Today I’m super excited to share photos and decor from this year’s Friendsgiving feast!

Friendsgiving is my favorite blog tradition for the past four years. I started it because since most of my friends are in school and can’t go home during our short sad little break. It would be so sad for us to make all the wonderful dishes without throwing a party too. So we are trying to keep this "early Thanksgiving" annually with a group of friends! 

Today I'm here to share the decor and photos from our dinner together.


For the buffet table, I picked out a bunch of party goods and pumpkins from Marshalls, Tj Maxx, Walmart last but not least Dollar Tree. Our color scheme was lots of glitter gold, sparkling orange and tan.


My favorite festive detail this year was the orange sparkling pumpkins that Zhinous and I picked up at Tj Maxx. We knew immediately they were going to kick off the photoshoot with ease . It also helped to make dinner feel like more of a special event. 

Everyone also loved the Cooper wire. In dim lighting they really light up the room. No pun intended!

IMG_2613 2.jpg

The best part of Friendsgiving is the friends! I'm scrapbooking all these photos. 


I hope you enjoyed these photos from our Friendsgiving. It was fun to host it for the first time (it was actually our first dinner or party in general- so a pretty great way to kick that off). I hope this tradition lasts forever because it's my absolute favorite. 

I'll be back soon with recipes on top of recipes to inspire your Thanksgiving plans. I made a cranberry margarita that turned out so tart and amazing. Can't wait for you to taste it! 

Do you have any go-to tips for decorating your Thanksgiving dinner space? As you can see here, it doesn't have to be insanely elaborate or expensive. A few color-coordinated details can add a LOT to your celebration.  

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