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Porshe's Perspective Turns 1

Porshe's Perspective Turns 1

One Year Blog Anniversary

Happy Birthday Porshe's Perspective. You turned 1 year old today 🙂


Exactly one year ago, I hit publish to my blog. This has been a decision that I could not make over the years. Looking back and thinking, what if I had started my blog years ago, what if I had shared my stories earlier? I am so glad that I have finally did it and won’t lie, I am a bit emotional.

I can not believe how far I have come after spending so many sleepless nights writing blog posts. Well, I still do, but now it is different as I have learnt so many things over the last year. Starting out was so interesting, I could not get enough of reading information on how to actually start and what to do next. But I did it and I the journey has been amazing.


I always say to my readers that I am not expert in anything, and I really am not! I just tell you about the beautiful things I like and amazing places I have visited. Here and there I will also share some tips, but all of that is from my OWN experience. If people stop by my little corner of internet and finds something helpful for them here, I will be the happiest.

My First Photoshoot in Atlanta

My First Photoshoot in Atlanta