Overnight Oats are by far one of my favorite breakfasts. They make rushed mornings a breeze because they are ready to grab and go in the morning. You can make enough jars for the whole week in about 15 minutes. Nothing compares to the convenience. When it comes to eating healthy, convenience is usually the biggest complaint. With these overnight oats recipes, there really is no reason to have to choose between convenience and nutrition. They are the whole package!

I am quite the coconut fanatic. I was always a fan of Almond Joy bars. The gooey coconut surrounded by rich dark chocolate and topped with an almond was the perfect combination. Now that I have my own version of the bars (link to Almond Joy Bars), I decided it was time to take Almond Joy to the breakfast table. 

When people see the word ‘chocolate,’ they often automatically think unhealthy, but that is not the case at all. It is usually all of the sugar and additives that give chocolate its bad rap. Unsweetened cocoa can be a natural mood booster and antidepressant thanks to a substance called phenethylamine. Cocoa is loaded with antioxidants as well. It can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and more. Needless to say, our bodies are nourished by chocolate! Don’t be afraid when you see cocoa in this recipe, your body will love it!

If you are an Almond Joy fan like me, then you will love these Almond Joy Overnight Oats! So dig in to chocolate, almond and coconut goodness!