How Far Are You Willing To Travel ?

I never wanted to travel to the world. I am an introvert with a lot of extrovert tendencies. When giving the opportunity to travel I decided to go for it. Could it really hurt to actually travel the world? It could there is a lot of possible dangers that could happen. However, I step out on faith, do the things you normally would not do. So now I challenge you, if you are granted the chance to travel around the world. Quickly grab your carryon or check bag luggage, your fancy camera or iPhone, and conquer the challenge.


My Current City

Atlanta, also known as "The A", "ATL", or "Hotlanta". This urban and vibrant city is home to a lot of churches, a lot of restaurants and a lot of entertainment. However, Atlanta is not your typical urban city plastered with high rises and traffic, but also features multiple parks outdoor festivals. Find out everything you need to know in my solo female travel guide to Atlanta.

Houston, Texas

Houston is a large city bustling with activity and things to do! In fact, many wonderful sites and sounds don't cost a dime. Starting off with Discovery Green. Its a 12 acre park located in downtown Houston, its designed with cute murals. Like the wall I'm standing behind in the picture to the right.



Miami, Florida

I traveled to Miami, Florida during my first spring break in Chiropractic school. We were very excited to find out that it was a spring break capital in Miami as well. We stay in South Beach, Miami on Collins Ave. We visited the Ice Cream Museum and had sweet blast. We also was able to experience a high speed boat chase. We had a lovely Sunday evening on a yacht tour.